Water Solutions

We believe that bringing play to communities makes the planet more livable and social. We are promoting a movement toward a healthier, happier, global community by offering innovative urban water feature solutions designed for developing minds, thrill seekers, budding explorers, and the young at heart. The products we promote are designed to fit into any urban or aquatic play space.

From dancing fountains to landscaped canals and clear pools that spell luxury, BMTC is the force behind many of UAE’s inspiring waterscapes.

At a time when an increasing emphasis is being placed on the need to create a welcoming ambience in the Work, Study or Urban Space environment for the benefit of employees, students and the general public, the desire to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the commercial landscape is growing. BMTC is in the active business of creating totally inspirational water features, water sculpture and water fountain displays using a broad array of materials to the highest specification and finish.

Our design team and field staff hold immense experience in landscape architecture, and permaculture design. More importantly feedback drives our innovations, so we can provide timeless pieces of art.

Functional landscapes for the concrete urban space!