BMTC provides the world’s best brands to empower you with solutions in end to end LV electrical systems, including design support where necessary. From a switch that lights up the lamp in your home, the cable that keeps a heart pump going, the control equipment that keep your air-conditioner running and the television set playing, our electrical solutions are endless and keeps life on the move.

Innovative, iconic and inspiring, we’re particularly proud of the electrical range that are filled with products that cry out to be touched.

We have years of experience in designing, installing and commissioning of load break switches, isolators and switch fuses. In addition providing classic products such as cable reels, extension cables and socket strips our wealth of knowledge in structural lightning protection, earthing and surge protection gives us the ability to offer leading edge products and unparalleled technical support. Our products conform to technical and safety standards and is manufactured with very high quality materials.

The modular switches supplied by us have been adorning walls in homes and offices for years which is also a statement on how aesthetics come together with state-of-the-art technology. Our endeavour is to always create products that adhere to the highest engineering standards. Today, BMTC continues to build upon the extensive experience gained over the last five decades. While we are offering versatile, high performance electrical products, we continue to provide consultancy expertise for various governments and commercial customers.

Imagine it and we will deliver!