The Next 50 years

Long-term thinking and responsible action are the basis of economic success.  BMTC’s expertise in engineering, procurement and infrastructure in conjunction with a wide reach help us anticipate, create, pilot, and quickly implement new ways of doing things. Our huge supply chain exposes us to the best and most innovative brand partners. Together, we are working to make tomorrow’s imaginations a reality.

The future will see us in the intersection of technology, data-centric workflows, integrated supply chains, and a project management focus.

From our humble beginnings in 1968, we have steadily grown into our role as one of the industry leaders. We have done this through continual improvement and innovation. Our core competencies in lighting, electrical, urban and water solutions are being continuously improved to be best-in-class. They are at the heart of what we are. We are constantly looking beyond customers’ and society’s expectations in order to deliver market leading services wherever they are needed.

Cutting edge technologies and accelerating change will provide us with challenges as well as opportunities to deliver improved performance for our customers and a rewarding work experience for our teams. The future both challenges and focuses our exploration of technology. Challenges us to accelerate and amplify our realization of the future state, and ensures we are constantly mindful of imagination as our guiding light.

We believe that the future of our industry will comes from the next generation of engineers and we are geared up to encourage them and make a difference.