‘ If anyone can, BMTC can! 

This sentiment is the driving force that motivates our professionals to dig deep into challenges and unearth timely and sound solutions. It is also the quality that gains them respect amongst industry peers as one of the brightest minds in the business. This acumen and expertise translates into our ability to deliver even the most complex projects right from concept to handover – as a single unit.


We call this ability ‘True 360°’


Challenging Traditional Thinking

A design team with extensive industry knowledge brings in the quality of in depth understanding and can ensure that all designs are developed ensuring best practices with an innovative approach to each project. Our design team is not afraid to challenge traditional thinking to deliver a client focussed cost effective solution and this ensures that major businesses and consultants come to us time and again.


Experienced Crew

You can count on us to deliver every aspect of the installation of new systems. Our skilled in-house installation team brings in expertise of the highest standards and is considered one of the most comprehensive teams in the industry. The testing of the installation, system settings and training of operating staff are carried out according to our detailed commissioning plans.


Improved Coordination

Commissioning ensures that the installation works as designed and intended. Supply and commissioning of industrial solutions is carried out in close cooperation with the client, so the commissioning remains on schedule and is cost-effective. We have developed multi-faceted standards to promote consistency throughout all kind of project implementation.


Reliable Operation

Regular inspections and maintenance by our perfectly trained technicians are the basis for our strong customer retention. We offer a wide range of service and maintenance options including maintenance contracts for either regular or fully comprehensive maintenance. We provide a service that is tailored to the client’s needs.