Our design team is not afraid to challenge traditional thinking to deliver a client focussed cost effective solution and this ensures that major businesses and consultants come to us time and again.

A BMTC designer is highly experienced in the design and implementation of integrated systems

Every project has some design element but larger works crucially rely on good design to ensure efficient and cost effective completion of works apart from ensuring that the installation operates and satisfies regulations. Since 1968 we have remained provocative yet business-focused, turning market relevance and revolutionary thinking into customer-centric solutions.

A design team with extensive industry knowledge brings in the quality of in depth understanding and can ensure that all designs are developed ensuring best practices with an innovative approach to each project. BMTC directly employs qualified designers who can take a project from concept through to completion within the minimum of disruptions. Aided by the very latest digital solutions, projects are always undertaken to ensure that all the most efficient principles are implemented.

Our designers are a vibrant and diverse team forming the heart of BMTC.