Once installed, the electrical installation will need commissioning. This will involve undertaking electrical tests and functional checks to certify the installation. Commissioning ensures that the installation works as designed and intended. Supply and commissioning of industrial solutions is carried out in close cooperation with the client, so the commissioning remains on schedule and is cost-effective.

At BMTC we maximise our commissioning time by carrying out thorough pre-commissioning through all stages of a project.

Systems designed for high-performance often fail to achieve their full potential resulting in wasted money, time and resources. Commissioning helps avoid this waste by documenting requirements – objectives, intended use, and performance goals – and then verify that these requirements are met. We have developed multi-faceted standards to promote consistency throughout all kind of project implementation.

BMTC understands the critical needs of large complex situations. We have extensive experience in the development of complex building design and modelling. BMTC project engineers can carry out all necessary safety checks, commissioning and fine tuning activities or support your staff to do this. We can also provide familiarisation and training to your team.

At BMTC we believe it is the attention to detail that is important