Business Segments

With a vibrant vision driving the nation, we’ll need more housing, roads and utilities, not to mention the related infrastructure. BMTC is gearing up to help meet these demands by driving innovative solutions that will help deliver the results smarter and faster.


With BMTC finding the right luminaries is just a few steps away. We bring the best in lighting solutions for the office, galleries, the world of shopping, for public and sacral buildings, residential spaces, hotels, restaurants, outdoor facilities, bridges and memorials.


BMTC focuses on creating a safe environment for traffic with white light for improved visibility and comfort. With state-of-the-art LED lighting and simple controls, we help keep the roads brightly lit and offer the most technologically advanced solutions available for tunnel and underpass lighting, promoting safety and efficiency with a system that eases operations and reduces costs.


BMTC provides the world’s best brands to empower you with solutions in end to end LV electrical systems, including design support where necessary. From a switch that lights up the lamp in your home, the cable that keeps a heart pump going, the control equipment that keep your air-conditioner running and the television set playing, our electrical solutions are endless and keeps life on the move.


We believe that bringing play to communities make the planet more livable and social. We are promoting a movement toward a healthier, happier, global community by offering innovative urban water feature solutions designed for developing minds, thrill seekers, budding explorers, and the young at heart.


We provide precision measurement hardware for surveying, engineering and construction industries. Our innovative devices are engineered to drive productivity. Our focus on solutions means you can find the right combination of products and services to make your job faster, simpler, and ultimately more profitable.


BMTC is dedicated to finding new ways to enable breakthroughs in providing Infrastructure Building Solutions. We embrace disruptive technologies in order to keep your infrastructural needs on a steady path to future growth. Take a look at some of our work.