Supply Standards

‘ Strengthened by the Code of Integrity 

BMTC is committed to integrity and compliance in everything we do. As part of that commitment, BMTC expects its suppliers to ensure that they provide their employees a safe working environment, that they treat their workers with dignity and respect, that they engage in environmentally sound and sustainable manufacturing processes, and that they comply with the law in all countries in which they conduct business.


We are adding value towards a sustainable future in the Middle East


Transparent, Equal & Fair

We aim to develop business activities together with our suppliers for which the importance of social responsibility and corporate morality is recognized and understood by those with whom we are building stronger partnerships as we implement fair dealings. The suppliers with whom BMTC wishes to build stronger partnerships are businesses that comply with laws, regulations, and social standards.


Integrity & Compliance

BMTC is committed to maintaining and championing a culture where ethics, integrity, and compliance are paramount considerations in all of its decisions. It is critical that BMTC employees, clients, and stakeholders raise concerns and questions about perceived or actual violations of law, regulations, rules, and policies so that they may be reviewed and resolved.


Adhering, Safeguarding, Ensuring

Our objective is to provide the highest level of quality workmanship on all our projects, whilst preventing all workplace and environmental incidents. We consult a network of experts to provide us with clear, impartial risk assessments of our processes and organization, enabling us and our staff to continuously maintain and improve our health, safety and environment management.


Global Standards

We believe that the heart of an effective quality management for any business is understanding and delivering products and services in line with clients’ requirements, with maximum effectiveness. Quality is at the root of our business, it reinforces our brand in the marketplace, encourages our customer’s loyalty and continuously ensure the viability of our business.