The leaders at BMTC are not afraid of exploring uncharted territory but see the unknown as an opportunity for learning and improvement. This in turn offers a dynamic, challenging work environment. We believe that in this way we stimulate development among our employees.

Our values stimulate us to act with responsibility, honesty, trust, respect and loyalty, making us better leaders

For the past 50 years, our employees have led from the front. Today, we are leading the industry forward again by finding new ways to add value using less energy with more precise technologies that reduce our carbon footprint. We are working to make a more sustainable future our reality – combining integrity, creativity and smart innovation, ensuring a better world for our people, their families, local communities, our customers and the world at large.

We care as much about how results are achieved as we do about the results themselves. Our leaders hold themselves accountable and put safety first and make people a priority; are functionally excellent; and work with integrity. Thanks to the dedication of our employees and an affinity for research and development, we are working assertively and with long-term planning.

At BMTC, we are re-imagining everyday infrastructure to improve people’s lives.