Environment, Health & Safety

Environment and sustainability is a major focus for BMTC. As a result, we ensure that the partners we work with are those who comply with environmental regulations and improve our environmental performance. We believe that adhering to health and safety polices is vital for ensuring sustainability and it is essential to ensure that our business does not endanger the health or safety of our workers or clients apart from not damaging the environment.

We believe that complying to health and safety guidelines and standards that are relevant to our industry, is the most important criteria to be eligible to trade in the global marketplace.

We have comprehensive experience in adhering to occupational and industrial hygiene along with safeguarding occupational health and ensuring safety management. We conduct regular training, assessments and monitoring activities while continuously aligning with inspections and certifications to help us assess risks and potential hazards and identify measures to mitigate them.

Our objective is to provide the highest level of quality workmanship on all our projects, whilst preventing all workplace and environmental incidents. We consult a network of experts to provide us with clear, impartial risk assessments of our processes and organization, enabling us and our staff to continuously maintain and improve our health, safety and environment management.

An employees’ safety and well-being is at the top of our organization’s agenda!