True 360°

BMTC’s expertise in engineering & procurement in conjunction with a global reach help us quickly adapt to new ways of doing things. Our huge global supply chain exposes us to the best and most innovative partners. Our operating model allows us to leverage our expertise across our business, with multifunctional teams that connect across the organisation to share best practice and solve problems together.

BMTC is an integrated firm that unites a dynamic team of engineers, industry experts and builders driven by a singular goal — to help solve our clients’ and society’s greatest challenges. Our defining strength is our ability to harness creative intelligence and develop solutions informed by layers of perspectives, experiences and technologies. Our firm is purposely built to foster a high-level of multidisciplinary thinking, allowing our teams to assess situations from all angles and identify opportunities to improve rather than conform.

There is a silent code in the industry which translates to mean if nobody is willing to take a challenge, BMTC can and will. This sentiment is the driving force that motivates our professionals to dig deep into challenges and unearth timely and sound solutions. It is also the quality that gains them respect amongst industry peers as one of the brightest minds in the business. This acumen and expertise translates into our ability to deliver even the most complex projects right from concept to handover – as a single unit.

We call this ability ‘True 360°!’